The Repair Process - Making Things Easier for You

The time after an automobile accident can be a stressful time. At first things can seem quite daunting. But one call to Auto Tech Collision Center can make things so simple for you.

Here is the step-bystep process we use to get you back on the road as soon as possible!

The worst thing happens... you are involved in an automobile incident. What next?

First of all, call your insurance company to tell them what happened, and let them know you will be calling Auto Tech on 652-5049 to handle the repair process.


When you call Auto Tech we will chat on the phone about your particular needs including questions like Is the car driveable, do you need to arrange a replacement rental car until yours is back on the road etc.

Our fully trained an friendly staff will take care of you, explain everything to you, and become a point of contact throughout the process.


We will arrange a convenient time with you for our experts to make a preliminary visual inspection of the damage to your vehicle. This will be a comprehensive check of all aspects, including bodywork, underneath the hood, and the chassis from above and below. If your car is not driveable, we are able to arrange for a towing service to deliver the car to us on your behalf.


This preliminary estimate of damage repair will be discussed with you, and we will send the repair estimates, along with photographic evidence, to your insurance provider for approval.

We will discuss any technical questions that your insurance company might have, and pass on any further information they may request.

We will confirm the estimate with your insurance company, and get their approval and authorization for the work to be carried out. At that point we will schedule a convenient time for you to bring your vehicle to be repaired (if it is not already with us).

Importantly, on this day we will have the parts necessary for your repair ready and waiting for your vehicle to arrive. This is not always the case in other collision centers.

During this process, both before and after the repairs are completed, we work closely with your insurance company, making sure the correct paperwork is completed on your behalf.

This makes the whole process as smooth as possible for you, with as little downtime, and as little hassle as possible.

That's the Auto Tech difference!

Once the repairs are complete, you are able to drive your vehicle away, safe in the knowledge that everything has been taken care of to the highest standards of quality, using the best quality parts, and to the insurance company's specifications.

Trust in Auto Tech to take care of you, the right way!

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